ANTYTILA || 23 august 2024 || Stadion «Avanhard»

23 august 20:00
Yalta · Stadion «Avanhard»
900 uah
Genre : Ukrainian pop

ANTYTILA. Yalta. Summer 2024!

Yes, you did not imagine it.
Antibodies announce a concert in Crimea. In the Ukrainian Crimea.
We are opening a pre-sale for the first big stadium show in Yalta.
23 August 2024, Avangard Stadium.

From the first day of the Russian invasion, when we took up arms and were on the front line, we never doubted Ukraine's victory for a second. 
We always knew that the day would come when the Ukrainian Armed Forces would regain control of the Crimean steppes, Ayudag, Cape Fiolent, the Genoese fortress and Swallow's Nest (or simply Crimea). And we will definitely all come there with our loved ones, children and friends.

Antibodies are confident that in the summer of 2024, we will all be able to gather in Ukrainian Yalta, liberated from the Russian occupiers, and decorate the entire southern coast of Crimea with yellow and blue, modern Ukrainian music.

We will play our best songs that Ukrainians love and know and celebrate the Ukrainian Victory together!

Children under 8 years old are free of charge


Frequently asked questions
📆 When does the Antytila perform in Ukraine?

Antytila performs 23 august , 20:00 in Yalta. Tickets can be purchased here

🔥 How much does a ticket cost for a performance Antytila in Ukraine?

A concert ticket for an Antytila can be purchased at TicketsBox in the price range 900 uah

📍 Where will the Antytila Concert take place?

The concert venue is Stadion «Avanhard»

ANTYTILA || 23 august 2024 || Stadion «Avanhard»
23 august 20:00
900 uah